How Do I Choose a Stroller for My Newborn?

How Do I Choose a Stroller for My Newborn?

In the first time of life, apart from the need for nutrition and hygiene, babies need to experience the world around them to develop holistically. Therefore, baby stroller is considered as one of the essential items that moms diapers should prepare for children. If you are wondering to find a best lightweight strollers for newborn with reasonable price, do not ignore this article. We will bring you some interesting information and suggestions.

Experience buying a good baby stroller

With the above benefits, baby stroller has become one of the permanent items on the shopping list of pregnant mothers. However, how to choose a good stroller is probably not many people know. If you are also wondering about this issue, let us refer to some of the following experiences.

What kind of stroller should I buy for baby?

On the market, there are many types of trolleys available for sale. Among them, the most common are: walking strollers, standing and seat strollers, single and double strollers. Each vehicle has its own advantages and limitations.

Single trolley

This is a baby stroller, with a very simple design, including 1 seat, roof and 3-4 wheels. Thus, it possesses light weight, easy to carry and transport.

Double trolley

This type of stroller especially 2 seats, the car is optimally designed so that the car is not too bulky. This type of stroller is suitable for families with twins or 2 babies who do not differ much by age.

Walking trolley

This is a single type of trolley with integrated pushing ability. In addition to caring for your baby, the car also supports mothers with a gentle exercise to regain postpartum physique.

Stroller standing and sitting

This is the most complicated design, including a front seat and a rear seat. Families with 2 children with a large age difference may consider using this product to combine care for both babies.

The recline of the backrest of the trolley

During the first period of life, a child’s bone will grow at a very fast rate and change over months and years. Therefore, to choose a safe, suitable stroller, parents must depend on the baby’s number of months.

In the period of 0 – 6 months, the baby’s skeletal system is still weak, so the back of the chair needs to lean back in the range of 125 – 180 degrees. From 6 to 12 months, babies should sit in a slightly reclining position. After 1 year of age, this time the bone system has become stronger, mother can comfort the baby to sit up straight.

For longer-term use and cost savings, parents should consider choosing products that can accommodate seats in 3 positions.

Weight, style & material

What kind of baby stroller good? A trolley weighing from 5 – 9kg with a neat design will be the ideal choice. It not only helps you easily carry, move at home, but also provides great support for family trips. Parents do not have to carry heavy luggage but still ensure adequate care for your baby.

For a durable stroller, parents need to pay attention to the material used as the chassis, as well as the connecting screws. In addition to safety, the material of the car also affects the ability to clean during use. Currently, aluminum frame cars are popular products because of their certainty as well as compactness.

Direct, continuous contact with the baby’s body during the car seat, stroller mattress is one of the factors you can not help but consider when choosing products. In order for your baby to be comfortable, parents should carefully consider the mattress material. Preferably soft, sweat-absorbing fabrics. Not only causing the secret, rough, unventilated car mattress can accumulate bacteria, causing skin irritation, rash.

Which stroller is good for baby should have many utilities

A good stroller needs to ensure the following basic features:

2-way propulsion

The 2-way push feature with flexible moving wheels will help you to control the vehicle easily, especially when you need to turn around or move in tight positions.

Folding trolleys

This feature helps parents can easily carry, pack and use the stroller anytime, anywhere. Therefore, folding baby stroller is extremely necessary for families with babies who are planning to travel or picnic far from home.

Sunshade roof

This is probably a common feature in most baby stroller products on the market today. Convenient roof design will help you protect your baby from the sun and light rain. Parents are welcome to take their children out without having to carry around an umbrella.

Above are the valuable experiences that I have gathered from myself and friends in the process of choosing to buy a baby stroller. To make the most accurate decision in choosing a cheap baby stroller, you should consider the financial ability, the area of ​​the house and the family’s living habits.

Wish you find a stroller with the best quality and the most economical price!


Top Easy Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Father’s day is the most important days of one’s life as different children have different types of bonds with their fathers, and they want to make their father surprise with a unique gift or idea. They want to show that if their fathers care for them so much than they also care for their fathers more than that. Usually, fathers don’t want their family and their kids to suffer from any problem so they try their best to keep them stay happy and healthy so they try to do various works with full dedication so that no harm will occur to their family. 

The best and the most natural gift for a father is a Best dad coffee mugs that make one’s dad so happy that they can’t even explain that how happy they are with that small mug as they find it so precious as their little kids give it.  

Techniques of Fathering

  • Permissive Parenting: This technique is for those kids who are stubborn and don’t listen to their parents at once as it is high in warmth and low on control. Parents who use this technique, they usually remain in tension about their kids that how to make them active and respective.
  • Authoritative: This technique refers to that technique in which parents stay in limits with their kids with love and when there is need of anger than they do that as kids need to be kept in limits as childhood is the base for making any child respective and with manners. In this type of technique, the warmth is high, and control is medium. 
  • Authoritarian:  In this type of technique parents usually treat their kids with anger and keep them under some pressure and kids mostly stay scared from their parents in such case parenting is high and control is more and warmth is low.

Easy Gift for Fathers 


On the occasion of a father’s day the easiest and simple gift is the wallet that helps you to keep your all the necessary pocket related items in one particular place and which is very convenient and safe.


A pen is one of the most important things from all the other things as it helps to make necessary notes whenever it needed and different fathers have different works to deal with, and the pen is necessary for all types of work.


Mugs are used as an essential thing in one’s life, and it helps to have your one or two cups of tea or coffee in your particular mug which is safe, and it makes fathers very happy that their kids are so loving to him that they care about their father so much. Father’s day is the best occasion for a kid to give Best dad coffee mugs which surprises the father at once. 


Watch helps you to see the time in easy and on a regular basis in a simple way and watch helps you to have a right time when gifted by a right person and kids are one of the most pure-hearted people on this planet.


Shoes are one of the most lovable items on this planet and people find it very happy when they get shoes in the form of a gift as shoes help fathers to walk to their offices easily and with proper comfortable, and they used to wear it more as their kids gift them.


Jackets are the one of the daily need of a father as they used to wear different clothes on daily basis as they used to work daily and have to wear new clothes and any cloth as a gift is so loved as that can be used on regular basis and especially by their child and jackets helps to be safe from different weathers and pollutions. So fathers love all those items that are being gifted by their kids.

All the points above are very easy and simple gifts for a father from their kids on the best occasion, i.e. father’s day. Kids feel shy to express their emotions to their father so that they try to gift various items to their fathers according to their choices and indirectly helps their father with a pure heart. 

Role of a Father

  • Mostly kids get confused in choosing best gift for their parents, and a good idea for that is to check various websites for that, i.e. and according to the natural and convenient gift, the best gift is the Best dad coffee mugs which are cheap and within a kids budget to surprise their father and show their love.
  • There are various roles a father needs to perform for their kid’s such as to make their kids helpful, responsible, and active, with manners and many more that a father has to perform as childhood of a kid is the most crucial age in which a child needs to understand various and important manners and things that will be beneficial for the kids in their future life.
  • Roles of a father never ends for their kids even if the kid becomes an adult still they remain a kid for their parents and parents always try to teach them different lessons of their life’s and make them a right person.

Wrap It Up

From the points mentioned above, you can understand the importance of a father in a family and their essential roles in their kid’s life. Good manners are very compulsory for a child to learn and that can only be possible with a good father for a child and fathers are the best way to make their kids understood with the safe person and in safe hands. In today’s world, there is no time to trust outer people, and so many bad cases are being heard, so fathers are the best person for a kid to learn new lessons and new manners. 

Soothing Facts about the Baby Pacifier

At present, most of the parents are not interested to give the pacifier to their babies. Where there is no specific reason for this, but when the kid gets addicted to this pacifier habit then while going to school, it becomes difficult one to get rid of the pacifier. Many of the parental laws will go with the usage of the baby pacifier for keeping the baby quite.

Almost every baby will be coming across this kind of habits in which these pacifiers are introduced to the baby after breastfeeding has been established. For example, if you are breastfeeding then first your baby wants to accept nipple before the soother and you need to follow different techniques. There are wide number of baby pacifiers are available in the market, if your baby does not like the first soother then offer any other kind of the pacifier to your baby that are made up of silicone or latex.

Soothing Facts about the Baby Pacifier

If you have, no need to worry about using the pacifier because experts have actually determined that sucks on a pacifier is better one for the babies teeth than sucking on the thumb. In which you can’t take the thumb of your baby or limit the usage of the soother so, in order to control this habit you can make use of the baby pacifier. Make sure that your often wash or replace the pacifier don’t keep the pacifier around for too long. Even when you boil it in the hot water it can get cracks which ban breed germs therefore it is best to replace the pacifier every two months in order to keep your babies health good.

List of pacifier products available for breastfeeding

Not sure if you need a pacifier for your baby then you did not know that the pacifiers can actually help you to prevent SIDS in babies just by helping infants not to sleep too deeply. Most of the parents will be having the doubt that which pacifier will be working best for the breastfeed babies and the answer is that your baby has to decide it, based on the soother of your baby. The following are some of the top best pacifier for breastfeeding babies. They are.

  • MAM pacifier for breastfeeding babies
  • Tommee tippee closer to the nature pacifier
  • Ecopiggy’s ecopacifier
  • Philips AVENT soothie pacifier
  • NUK silicone orthodontic pacifier

Not all the babies will be requiring the pacifier to use but the pacifiers offer some kinds of benefits to your baby. Normally, an infant who likes to suckle without eating a whole day, then the pacifier will be a best thing for your baby. Second thing is that the pacifier can reduce the risk of the SIDS because the babies sleep most of the time and they keep on sucking for a deep sleep and it helps the baby to have a better body and mental development. Also don’t give the pacifier to your baby just to shut them up when your baby is crying they are uncomfortable, hurt, unhappy, and hungry or having some other ailment then try to communicate with your baby and find out the problem.

Why you should choose the gumdrop pacifier for your baby

The pacifier that has the revolutionized then the pacifier is meant to do the gumdrop pacifier where these pacifiers are one of the special kind of the baby pacifier that is considered as the low profile that perfectly fits into your baby’s mouth while being it light in weight as well. The gumdrops baby pacifier comes in variety of vivid and bright colors that will naturally appeal to your baby; these pacifiers are supple and soft making it as the best kid of suctioning action for your baby. Once your baby gets the gumdrops then no other pacifiers will work again to your baby where it is a great thing about the gumdrops pacifiers can b purchased in a multiple pack of the rainbow colors for this reason.

If you are breastfeeding your baby and you worry that your baby will be experiencing the confusion between the two nipples then you can just rest the gumdrops pacifiers where this pacifiers will provide the pleasure of watching how your baby roots as usual when you are breastfeeding. The gumdrops has passed all the required safety and protective regulations for the infant’s product and thus recognized as the best pacifier for breastfeeding in which when your baby starts chewing the pacifier then it is the time that your baby get a teething toy.

Soothing Facts about the Baby Pacifier

Why your baby should have a natural pacifier

It is best to go with the natural pacifiers for your baby according to the health choice and must have for every green parent; your child can have a pacifier in its mouth for more than an hour and during the sleeping and asleep time. With this exposure it is wise to buy the best pacifier for breastfeeding that is PVC and BPA free and made up of without harmful chemicals where the baby will absorb through constant sucking.

The most popular natural pacifier found in the market is natursutten that has been created with chemical free pacifier for your baby where this will suitable one for your future baby environment. The natursutten breastfeed pacifier is made in a one piece with 100% natural rubber which is made out of thee heaven brasiliensi tree. The natursutten natural rubber teethers and pacifier are popular with the eco-conscious and celebrity babies, moreover this pacifier is very soft to chew and it is of BPA free.

This pacifier products are free from the PVC, phthalates, Bisphenol-A and from silicone materials where it is made out from the natural materials so it does not harm your babies health at any cost. This kind pacifier is suggested and recommended by most of the doctors for your babies because this baby pacifier is found to be a best product and it is medically approved product for infants.

Simple Tips to Help Baby’s Hair Grow Well

Babies have a beautiful face, But you notice something is off when you take a picture. Everything seems in order at first. Skin looks soft like cotton. Clothes look suitable for the occasion. Babies smiles with a happy expression. Then, you spend time to look a little deeper in photo. That’s when you see it coming from the forehead. Hair seems a little skimpy. In other words, it looks like its not going to be long when they get older. Nowadays, you can do something about the baby hair not growing. See the useful tips below.

Find Shampoo With Vitamin D

Place your hands on the best shampoo for baby with vitamin D. That milk you drink with your cereal has vitamin D. Feed the baby some cereal each morning and watch their hair grow. Babies do not always have to drink milk form the store. Moreover, If your really cheap on the month’s budget to buy milk, you could ask the mother to breast feed. Most women are more than willing to say yes. Besides, she is your helper in child making. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask her anything that relates to baby and help it grow better. Relax, there is nothing that could get worse then a strange look.

Feed them Natural Nuts

Not willing to feed them milk for hair growth, then feed baby some nuts that come from Earth. Scientist have recently discovered that nuts can promote hairs on head to grow more. Certainly, almond nuts that are fed every day. Put your hand in the nut jar and feed them little almond nuts. The nuts come from the Earth and won’t cause baby harm if you feed them one at a time. Hey, don’t go crazy with their nuts. Take your time with it and feed the guy. Always, feed them nuts one by one. Not having the time to, then you should not be doing it. Health injuries may occur so do it like suggested.

Gently Groom the Hair

Move your hands and hair tools through their hair easily. Be very soft with it and take the time. There is no need to go through their hair fast. Just comb their hair gently. Go inside and help them clean out fungus preventing them from growing hair. Pulling on their hair in a very force way could lead to more hair loss. So, take the advice. In time, the hair will grow faster. Sometimes, the hair is trying to grow but needs a gentle pat. Give the baby hair that gentle pat to encourage it to grow even more. Patience can be annoying but it can be rewarding too. Do not forget that.

Wash Hair With Shampoo That Make Baby Hair Grow

Washing their hair with shampoo is fine, but washing their hair with shampoo that promote growth is better. Chemicals are added into each bottle to make the baby hair grow in spots it wasn’t suppose to. Also, natural ingredients to make the hair free of dirty minerals trying to slow down hair growth. Definitely, try the shampoo out for a couple weeks if you want some quick results. Apply best shampoo for baby hair growth you can find. Scientist are smart remember. They can make baby hairs grow fuller and longer. Test the theory out.

Cool Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

You know there are so many cool swimsuits to choose from for mothers these day. I am not talking about the regular ones that make you stuff out and tight. Maternity swimwear to fit your lifestyle and personal choice. They come in many colors and are very sizable. Made for people who got bellies and stuff you didn’t think you would get when you first got pregnant. The best swimsuit for pregnancy is now here for all pregnant women to enjoy. No more going to the beach and having a look that is just awful. Now, you can throw away that t-shirt and try a one piece pregnant swimsuit. Considering this,view below for more on the maternity swimsuit.

The Maternity Swimsuit to Look For

There things and elements you should look for before you buy a maternity swimsuit. Look for one that has adjustable straps. The adjustable part is for you and your baby. You know what I mean. The size of your belly might enlarge more than you predict. So, get a swimsuit that can stretch and has straps that are very adjustable. It feels little weird at first because your use to tight stuff but you get use to it. Next, make sure the fabric is durable. Ask the people you buy it from or look at some reviews. Check to see how long the swimsuit lasts. I don’t know your situation, but you probably don’;t want to buy a new swimsuit each year. Once that is settled, look to see if the suit is chlorine resistant. You might go to the beach or the back pool. Be prepared to do both because why not.

What Color Should You Wear It In

The color you choose you always be a color you really want to wear. Most women will tell you to wear a swimsuit in black, but wearing a dark blue one is just as cute. Equally, wear what makes you happy. Its your money and your body. Teat the purchase like it is. If you happen to want to wear a pink swimsuit then wear a pink swimsuit. Do not get pressured to wear a color you don’t like. You are not in high school anymore. People need to like you or move out the way. Your too old for that you know.

How to Find the Right One

The right one is the one that is reliable and feels right. The best swimsuit for pregnancy you choose to wear for the next beach trip is only acceptable if you say. Feel it is the right one overall and it will be the right one. Make sure it is reliable for the baby, but colorful for your own personal taste. People have opinions and what not to wear stuff. But, you should where what you feel you should and wear wheat it reliable to be safe. That is really all you need to know.

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner (A Josh Post)

Know what’s lousy?

When you go to Best Buy, lay down a huge chunk of money and walk out of the place with a space age washer/dryer that is (A) not a flat screen TV and (B) starts to smell funny after about a month.
Maybe I’m just being romantic about the whole thing, but when we had a crummy apartment with a secondhand top-loading washer, I don’t ever remember it smelling funny.
Our big fat high efficiency machine, on the other hand, gets really grungy and stinky pretty often. It used to, anyway.
So here’s the deal: You throw one of the affresh tabs in there and run an empty load. There are also some little wipes that you can use to scrub the inside and generally degunk the inside of the thing.
You do that from time to time and your fancy shmancy washer will smell less like an old washcloth that fell behind the toilet and more like that prancing bear that runs around in sunshiny fields on TV.
Oh. One more thing. When you do goofy maintenance like this on a major appliance, you’ll get a delightful sense of superiority. Seriously. Try it.

My Baby Wears Combat Boot(ie)s (guest post by Dad-O)

Check these things out. The very outdoorsy booties by Stonz Wear are my new go-to shoe for any time Babe-o is going to be out and venturing off the beaten path. Most of her baby shoes are fine for grass or pavement and that sort of thing, but don’t exactly hold up to anything much messier than that. These things, on the other hand, will put up with whatever you throw at them. Rain, snow, mud, pointy stuff, you name it.


And the great thing is that they’ll fit a growing foot for a really long time. So instead of having to come up with tiny little crazy-expensive outdoor kicks every time you want your little one to be able to do some puddle jumping or slopping in the mud, you can just throw these things on. They cinch up with a simple tie and can go on and off in about eight seconds a piece.

They are made of coated nylon that is water and wind resistant. That rocks.

So far our pair has survived the beach, long/weedy/buggy grass, and our occasionally swampy backyard with flying colors. I certainly can’t say the same for whatever shoes I was wearing on any given excursion. It’s great to come home from daddy-daughter adventuring and know that while I peel off my gross, muddy, soggy, sandy, occasionally bloody shoes and socks that Babe-O’s much-cuter feet are safe and sound inside her cozy combat booties.

TotRags Winner!

UPDATE: Oh no!  Jen (#61) is in Canada, and unfortunately, this one wasn’t open to Canadians.  So, I had to choose a new winner.  What a bummer for Jen, I’m so sorry!  I’ll have a couple Canadain-friendly giveaways coming up, so check back for those.  In the meantime, our new winner is #24, Hailey! Congrats, girl!

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Congrats to #61, Jen!  You’ve won a TotRags DipeWipe Clutch plus either 2 regular bibs or one full coverage bib!  Drop me an email to claim your prize…

Thanks again to Christine at TotRags for this great giveaway! I hope you enjoy your TotRags as much as I enjoy mine, Jen.

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Sleep Training: Today’s Moms

Todays Moms

I’m reading Today’s Moms to review and I had to put up this post before I’ve even finished (a more thorough review will post later).  I just had to get some other parents’ input on this subject.

The seemingly epic battle is to cry it out, or not to cry it out.  Parents in both camps get pretty fired up on this subject, and I’m no exception.  I do believe that it can be discussed with courtesy and respect, though, so please keep that in mind if you share your story or input.
I’m pretty adamantly against crying it out, especially before the age of 6 months.  Something new that I hadn’t seen before was the reference of 12 pounds as the acceptable benchmark to start crying it out (p. 66).  Both of these benchmarks seem a bit arbitrary to me.  I can’t quite wrap my head around what’s so different about a four-month-old and a six- or eight-month-old, with respect to sleep training.
Yes, the older our precious babies get, the more they learn to be not-so-precious and do things like try to manipulate us.  “If I cry, they will come.”  I’m all about taking a stand against that during the day, and in a safe manner (when it’s crying to whine and not due to need).  But at night?  Not so much.
All I can think of is a baby, likely alone in their room, crying for someone to come and comfort them.  My daughter is a few days shy of being nine months old, and she’s just starting to sleep through the night, from about 8pm to 6 or 7am.  Until now, she’s had the pleasure of feeding on demand 24/7, which means that if she wanted a three minute snack-n-suck at 2am, she got it. I’m not saying that wasn’t frustrating and it didn’t suck – it absolutely did.
But even at my most desperate and tired moments, I have to remember that this time is fleeting, as cliche as that sounds.  That not a lot of kids are still having multiple night wakings after the age of one or two.  That I can manage the sleep interruptions as long as she needs me to, until she’s ready to sleep through on her own.  Sure enough that time came.  It would’ve been freakin’ sweet, had it come about three months ago, but honestly – I’m not much worse for the wear, either way.
My main beef with cry-it-out is the message it sends to the baby.  This quote from Today’s Moms really sums it up:  “She cried the first night for fifteen minutes…the second night for five…and then she gave up.  She figured if no one’s coming, might as well not bother, and by four months, she slept through the night.” (p. 70)
That makes me ache inside.  Especially when it’s just a four-month-old (still so new to the world!), but even age aside…that message just seems horrible to me.  “…if no one’s coming, might as well not bother,…” – that’s just heartbreaking to me.  When it’s spelled out that way, is that the message we want to send our babies?  That they’re crying and in need of comfort, but they might as well not try because we won’t come, anyway?  It’s a tiny baby, for pete’s sake!
The other thing that’s always mentioned alongside crying it out is how unbelievable painful and difficult it is for the parents.  Is it really wise to engage in parenting methods that make us cringe, make us cry, make us feel absolutely awful?  How is that good for us or our babies?  The notion of setting a timer and resisting the urge to tend to our babies is unnatural and painful.  But it’s worth the pain for both parent and child to get more sleep?  I guess it might be for some, or rather, that is must be for some, but again, I just can’t wrap my head around it.
I’m getting a little fired up here.  I think I’ve articulated my beef with cry-it-out.  Babies will sleep through on their own soon enough – is it worth sending that “don’t bother crying, I won’t come” message to get uninterrupted sleep a few months earlier?  I just can’t see how anyone justifies that.
So do tell, I’m sure we’ll have a lot of different opinions on this – what’s your position on sleep training and cry-it-out?

Flowerz in Her Hair…

I’m a huge fan of bows and barrettes for little girls.  Given that I had a home-grown mohawk until I was two (for some reason, the hair on the sides of my head just didn’t grow like the top), I assumed it would be a few years before I could start using that sort of thing on my own daughter.


Surprisingly, she was born with a full head of lush, dark hair.  As she’s gotten older, it’s thinned out a bit and gotten lighter, but she’s still got enough for a little bow or barrettenow and then.  Oh, and of course, she’s always been able to wear baby headbands, which I find to be a.dor.a.ble.!
So, I went to find her some cute new bows.  Of course, I went online, because going to the store would mean going, and well…I choose my errands carefully!  I came across Flowerz in Her Hair and was immediately ready to order one of everything.  The little cutie in the photo above is from the Flowerz in Her Hair site – as soon as I saw her, I was hooked, I knew I had to have these for my girl.  Luckily, Amy sent me some things to review, much to my delight!
Clockwise: Bow holder (pink), Pinwheel Bow, Funky Flower clip, 
Simply Clippies clip, Cute As A Button clip, 
Super Stretch Headband, Natural Flower clip
There’s a must-have for all the little ladies in your life, the Super Stretch Headband.  They are both super soft and super stretchy, made of something that reminds me of little girls’ tights.


There’s a little ribbon band at the seam, which is also used to clip on the various bows and flowers that go with the bands.  The cool part about that is that the bows and flowers can also be used as clips on their own, too.  It’s soft, it’s small enough for an infant, but stretchy enough to last well into the toddler years, and perhaps beyond.  I love that you can change the look of it so easily, it’s a super versatile piece.


The flower clips all work with the headband and on their own.  They come in snap clips, alligator clips, or on a french barrette clip (the kind you squeeze the end together to get it to pop open).  The Achilles heel of the alligator clips on the clippies and flowers is that the bottom of the clip is exposed, meaning it’s just the metal, no ribbon or anything to cover it.  For older kids, or for use with the headband, no problem at all; for use on an infant…I’ll probably shy away from that, I’m a little afraid that the metal would accidentally scratch her.

Amy packages the bows beautifully, too (I love pretty packaging, I won’t lie…=).  As if the bows aren’t cute enough, the packaging it pretty, too.  I had to share this picture that I took before opening everything up.  The sticker warns that these could be choking hazards & not to let little ones mouth on them.  Very sweet looking.
Since I’m constantly fishing through the little box I keep my girl’s barrettes and headbands in, I was thrilled to receive the Clip Holder.  The clips are all in a row, organized and at my fingertips.  It looks pretty cute haning on her wall, too!  The best part?  You get one FREEwith every order!  How awesome is that?!

You get one of these FREE with any order!
One of my favorite things about Flowerz in Her Hair is that the prices are so fair.  You get a lot of bows for your buck! You’ll have to see it to believe it.  I highly recommend checking out Amy’s site, the little girls in your life will thank you for it!
While you’re there, pick out your favorites, because if you mention them here, you can win a $20 shopping spree at Flowerz in Her Hair!  If you’d like to spend more than that, Amy will even pick up the shipping, it’s 100% free to you!  Here’s how to win:
To enter (mandatory!):
  • go to Flowerz in Her Hair and let me know what your favorite items are in the comments (1 entry)
For Bonus Entries (up to 4!): (leave a separate comment for each, please!)
  • Follow me here, on Twitter, or subscribe via email (you can do all three in the sidebars): 1 entry each (3 entries, total – separate comments for each)
  • Grab my blog button & post it on your site: 1 entry (please leave a link so I can see it!)
Giveaway runs from 5/29-6/15/09, midnight EST.
Gotta have them right now?  Use the promo code HAPPYMOM to receive 15% off of your order! =)