My Baby Wears Combat Boot(ie)s (guest post by Dad-O)

Check these things out. The very outdoorsy booties by Stonz Wear are my new go-to shoe for any time Babe-o is going to be out and venturing off the beaten path. Most of her baby shoes are fine for grass or pavement and that sort of thing, but don’t exactly hold up to anything much messier than that. These things, on the other hand, will put up with whatever you throw at them. Rain, snow, mud, pointy stuff, you name it.My Baby Wears Combat Boot(ie)s (guest post by Dad-O)

And the great thing is that they’ll fit a growing foot for a really long time. So instead of having to come up with tiny little crazy-expensive outdoor kicks every time you want your little one to be able to do some puddle jumping or slopping in the mud, you can just throw these things on. They cinch up with a simple tie and can go on and off in about eight seconds a piece.

They are made of coated nylon that is water and wind resistant. That rocks.

So far our pair has survived the beach, long/weedy/buggy grass, and our occasionally swampy backyard with flying colors. I certainly can’t say the same for whatever shoes I was wearing on any given excursion. It’s great to come home from daddy-daughter adventuring and know that while I peel off my gross, muddy, soggy, sandy, occasionally bloody shoes and socks that Babe-O’s much-cuter feet are safe and sound inside her cozy combat booties.

Makes Mom Happy has arrived!

Hello world, it’s The Happy Mom here!  How fabulous is this site?!

Mad love to Samantha at As Time Goes By Designs, this is her awesome design!  She was fantastic to work with, I can’t say enough good things.  Her designs, her rates, her turnaround time – everything is just great when you’re working with her.   I can be a tough client, and Samantha welcomed any revisions and suggestions I asked for with perfect grace and professionalism.  She’s the best!  If you’re looking for a custom blog, check her out!  You won’t have to look any further.

Thank you, Sam!  I LOVE my new site! =)