Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner (A Josh Post)

Know what’s lousy?

When you go to Best Buy, lay down a huge chunk of money and walk out of the place with a space age washer/dryer that is (A) not a flat screen TV and (B) starts to smell funny after about a month.

Maybe I’m just being romantic about the whole thing, but when we had a crummy apartment with a secondhand top-loading washer, I don’t ever remember it smelling funny.

Our big fat high efficiency machine, on the other hand, gets really grungy and stinky pretty often. It used to, anyway.

So here’s the deal: You throw one of the affresh tabs in there and run an empty load. There are also some little wipes that you can use to scrub the inside and generally degunk the inside of the thing.

You do that from time to time and your fancy shmancy washer will smell less like an old washcloth that fell behind the toilet and more like that prancing bear that runs around in sunshiny fields on TV.

Oh. One more thing. When you do goofy maintenance like this on a major appliance, you’ll get a delightful sense of superiority. Seriously. Try it.