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the very first Etsy Friday!

Thanks to Christine at TotRags, I’m kicking off my very first Etsy Friday!  On Etsy Fridays, I’ll feature my favorite picks and finds from Etsy and the lovely folks who are behind them.  So, meet me here every Friday to see what’s new and great in the world of handmade.  It’s a date!

Considering my girl is almost 9 months now, I’ve been a bit slow to catch on to the whole diaper clutch thing.  I’ve been lugging around this huge diaper bag that could sustain the whole family for days, if need be.  Not exactly the most convenient thing to schlep around, especially on smaller errands.
I’ll schlep, no more!  Christine’s fabulous TotRags DipeWipe Clutch has become about as attached to me as my purse.  I love it!  It’s cute, it fits my Pampers wipes case and 3 to 5 diapers.  If we were using it, I could fit a tube of diaper cream in there, to.  Big enough to fit everything we need, small enough to still fit in my purse.  Have a look:

how cute is this?!
and it’s not even full yet!
the boxed sides are awesome!
Since discovering the TotRags DipeWipe Clutch, I’ve done some investigating.  Lots of diaper clutches don’t have the boxed sides like Christine’s do.  You want boxed sides!  Everything lays so much flatter in the TotRags clutch.  There’s no ugly taper to the bottom of the clutch, and hte boxed sides really allow you to fit a lot more – while still remaining small and fairly flat.  Christine’s work is top-notch, the quality is amazing.  Each piece is handmade by her, and the care and effort she puts into her work really shows.
I’m loving the pattern mine came in, Summer Stripes.  It’s really cute and…summery!  What’s even better, though, is that most of the TotRags products are made from up-cycled, salvaged, or thrifted materials.  Cute and good for the environment!  And you’ll love Christine’s prices.  Get this – spend $25 on any of the other fabulously cute stuff at TotRags, and she’ll send you her signature DipeWipe clutch FREE!
Know what else is awesome about TotRags?  Christine is giving back – $1.00 from every purchase goes to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to support cancer research.  Buy an awesome product and help support cancer research?  That is awesome.

These very baby-hip bibs came with my DipeWipe clutch.  They are a must-have!  Lots of bibs start out cute, then end up a tattered mess after one wash cycle.  Not these!  The long velcro closure stayed closed when I washed them, and they came out in exactly the shape/form they came in.  Not a bit of twisting or shrinkage.  I was thrilled!  They’re also really absorbent and have good coverage.  You’ll love everything Christine at TotRags has to offer!
Want your very own DipeWipe Clutch, plus either 2 regular bibs (shown) or 1 full-coverage bib?!  Here’s how to win:
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flip & tumble at the store

flipFlip & tumble at the store?  Sounds like something you’d be telling your kids to knock off while you tried to grocery shop, right?  Let me explain.  I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a flip & tumble bag when I did my weekly grocery run.  You’re going to want one of these!  (Or three.  I want some more now that I’ve tested one!)

Reusable bags are very in right now, no doubt.  But most of them are ugly, unwieldy, and impractical (tell you how I really feel, right?).  I’ve bought he 99-cent ones that are in the grocery store, and while that’s well and good for that trip, I’ll be honest: they rarely make it back for a second use.  I can never remember to put them back in the car, and if I do get them that far, I remember that they’re in the car when I’m checking out.  Score one more for the store, I either buy yet another set, or use the sucky plastic bags that are surely going to be the demise of some poor bird someday.


Enter:  flip & tumble.  My personal reusable bag saviors.  I am in love with this product, and in a BIG way!  Or a little way.  See how tiny they are when you’re not using them?  The size of an orange!  Actually, they’re even a little flatter than an orange.  Teeny tiny, especially for a bag that can hold so much.  (The bag is the little orange guy in the center, between the plant and the actual fruit).  These bags roll into their own self-containing little pouches, which then will happily reside at the bottom of my purse.  No more getting caught with my reusable bag pants down at the grocery checkout – I’ll remember I have it and whip it out like I knew it was there all along (even though I’d really forgotten about it until the “paper or plastic?” part, to which I’ll happily answer, “neither.”)
I got to try out the Superpink/Slate bag, which is a vibrant, rich pink (“super” pink, if you will – ha!).  I managed to fit way more than any plastic bag could’ve ever held in it – a gallon of milk, jar of applesauce, bag of frozen fries, ice cream, and a jar of Parmesan cheese (can you tell it was my “cold stuff” bag?).  Pictures of the full bag and it’s contents:
bag full of groceries
a peek inside the bag.
look how much fit in there!
Don’t judge my groceries.  And especially don’t judge that the ice cream is front & center – that is not a reflection of my (un)balanced diet! (It totally is!)  My milk is organic, that makes up for the fries and ice cream, right?!

Back to the bags.  If you’ve got any inclination to quit your bird killing, ocean polluting habit (read: using plastic grocery bags), you’ve gotta have these!  No judgement on the bird killing here, I’m as guilty as the next gal for using plastic…but not anymore, I’m done.  Flip & tumblesaved some poor bird’s neck (probably literally), and did it with fresh, hip style.


Perhaps more importantly (at least when it comes to schlepping heavy groceries that will wreck your day if they get dropped), they did it with a very high-quality, strong product.  The ripstop nylon they’re made of will happily hold up to 25 pounds.  They come in so many fabulous colors that you’ll want them all.  Since I received my Superpink bag, they’ve even come out with patterns – saweet!  (Dear flip & tumble,
If you need someone to test the patterns out, I’m your girl! ;o)
As if these weren’t eco-friendly enough (each bag has the potential to reduce plastic bag use by a THOUSAND bags!), flip & tumble’sdone it one better.  When you’re done with your bag, you can send it back and they’ll recycle it for you.  Easy-peasy, huh?  Don’t worry, though, you and your bag will be buddies for a long time, since they are machine washable.
flip & tumble…welcome to Amy’s Picks.  You are one of my favorites among favorites, which means that pretty much everything about your bags makes mom happy!  You’re my very first Amy’s Pick, too, congrats!
Want your very own flip & tumble bag? (You do, you do!)  WIN ONE! Yeah!  Here’s how:
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Get going, you’ve gotta have one of these bags! =)