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Oh so Lush!

You need some fun in your shower.  We all do!  Now wait, before you click away from my page because you think I’m some kind of freaky mommy blogger, just hold on a sec.  Let me rephrase that, you need some fun bath products in your shower.  Sound a bit better? Let’s get right to it…

As soon as you reach Lush’s website, you feel the fun.  It’s happy, lively, and brings out the kid in you.  It’s like…comic book meets eco-friendly meets the bathtub, all in one.  This graphic from their website pretty much sums up all the great things I love about them:

The graphic pretty much says it all.  They get fresh produce delivered, which gets peeled, chopped, juiced, and all that other food-ie stuff.  And by “they,” I mean the people you see on the products, at right.  Want to know who handmade your product?  You can find their smiling face right on the bottle (a little strange, but kind of nice?).  Lush is environmentally conscious and actually tests their products on human volunteers (novel idea, huh? testing products for humans,on humans?).  And they give back to various charities via their Charity Pots, a unique product that’s developed for each charity.  All the proceeds from Charity Pots get donated, which is awesome!  I loves me some companies that give back.

Know what else I love?  I mean, LOVE?  The fizzy little man that came in my gift pack!  (The white, round thing at left).  You put the Emotibomb (technical term for the fizzy little man) on the floor of your shower and he fizzes up, releasing the yummiest citrus scent you’ll ever smell.  It was delish!  Like being transplanted to a citrus grove, but all steamy and wonderful, too.  I don’t get to take baths very often, so having this for the shower was awesome!  It lasted for a pretty long shower (but probably would’ve made it for 2 shorter ones…ah, we’ll never know!).
The entire Happy giftpack was so yummy.  My second favorite was the Lemslip, a lemony cross between a soap and a gel.  Of course, it smelled lemony and fresh, which was great, but it also left my skin smooth, soft – it didn’t even need lotion when I got out of the shower.    It’s a really rich, nice creamy-gel  that can be used at room temperature, or you can chill it (I couldn’t wait to dig in, so mine didn’t get chilled!).  It’s quite the unique product, definitely worth trying out.

I also got a shower gel (the Olive Branch) and a hair and body gel (Happy Hippy).  I liked the grapefruit scent of the Happy Hippy (I’m no hippy, far from, so I questioned whether I’d like a product named Happy Hippy, but sure enough, I did!).  The hair and body gel had some more complex scents that I found to be a bit masculine, so I left that for hubs to test.  The other thing that came in the pack, the Sandstone Soap was fun.  It’s actually got a layer of sand on top, a great exfoliator.  Oh, and it works perfectly to scrub grass stains off of your feet after you mow the lawn barefoot.  That genius move was performed by hubs.  I was happy to have a soap to de-green his feet!
The only thing I really fault with Lush is that their products contain sulfates and parabens, which are some nasty buggers. I was pretty surprised to find that they use them, giving how eco-conscious they are.  I’m thinking that might be something to look for in the future from them, sulfate and paraben free products.  They’ll be a homerun once those are out of their goodies!  I still love that the packaging is so bright and fun (and green friendly!) – have a look:
I really enjoyed these bath products.  I’ll be asking for some more of the Emotibombs, for sure (hubs, are you reading?).  If you’ve got a citrus fan to shop for, the Happy gift would be perfect!

flip & tumble at the store

flipFlip & tumble at the store?  Sounds like something you’d be telling your kids to knock off while you tried to grocery shop, right?  Let me explain.  I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a flip & tumble bag when I did my weekly grocery run.  You’re going to want one of these!  (Or three.  I want some more now that I’ve tested one!)

Reusable bags are very in right now, no doubt.  But most of them are ugly, unwieldy, and impractical (tell you how I really feel, right?).  I’ve bought he 99-cent ones that are in the grocery store, and while that’s well and good for that trip, I’ll be honest: they rarely make it back for a second use.  I can never remember to put them back in the car, and if I do get them that far, I remember that they’re in the car when I’m checking out.  Score one more for the store, I either buy yet another set, or use the sucky plastic bags that are surely going to be the demise of some poor bird someday.


Enter:  flip & tumble.  My personal reusable bag saviors.  I am in love with this product, and in a BIG way!  Or a little way.  See how tiny they are when you’re not using them?  The size of an orange!  Actually, they’re even a little flatter than an orange.  Teeny tiny, especially for a bag that can hold so much.  (The bag is the little orange guy in the center, between the plant and the actual fruit).  These bags roll into their own self-containing little pouches, which then will happily reside at the bottom of my purse.  No more getting caught with my reusable bag pants down at the grocery checkout – I’ll remember I have it and whip it out like I knew it was there all along (even though I’d really forgotten about it until the “paper or plastic?” part, to which I’ll happily answer, “neither.”)
I got to try out the Superpink/Slate bag, which is a vibrant, rich pink (“super” pink, if you will – ha!).  I managed to fit way more than any plastic bag could’ve ever held in it – a gallon of milk, jar of applesauce, bag of frozen fries, ice cream, and a jar of Parmesan cheese (can you tell it was my “cold stuff” bag?).  Pictures of the full bag and it’s contents:
bag full of groceries
a peek inside the bag.
look how much fit in there!
Don’t judge my groceries.  And especially don’t judge that the ice cream is front & center – that is not a reflection of my (un)balanced diet! (It totally is!)  My milk is organic, that makes up for the fries and ice cream, right?!

Back to the bags.  If you’ve got any inclination to quit your bird killing, ocean polluting habit (read: using plastic grocery bags), you’ve gotta have these!  No judgement on the bird killing here, I’m as guilty as the next gal for using plastic…but not anymore, I’m done.  Flip & tumblesaved some poor bird’s neck (probably literally), and did it with fresh, hip style.


Perhaps more importantly (at least when it comes to schlepping heavy groceries that will wreck your day if they get dropped), they did it with a very high-quality, strong product.  The ripstop nylon they’re made of will happily hold up to 25 pounds.  They come in so many fabulous colors that you’ll want them all.  Since I received my Superpink bag, they’ve even come out with patterns – saweet!  (Dear flip & tumble,
If you need someone to test the patterns out, I’m your girl! ;o)
As if these weren’t eco-friendly enough (each bag has the potential to reduce plastic bag use by a THOUSAND bags!), flip & tumble’sdone it one better.  When you’re done with your bag, you can send it back and they’ll recycle it for you.  Easy-peasy, huh?  Don’t worry, though, you and your bag will be buddies for a long time, since they are machine washable.
flip & tumble…welcome to Amy’s Picks.  You are one of my favorites among favorites, which means that pretty much everything about your bags makes mom happy!  You’re my very first Amy’s Pick, too, congrats!
Want your very own flip & tumble bag? (You do, you do!)  WIN ONE! Yeah!  Here’s how:
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Get going, you’ve gotta have one of these bags! =)