How Do I Choose a Stroller for My Newborn?

In the first time of life, apart from the need for nutrition and hygiene, babies need to experience the world around them to develop holistically. Therefore, baby stroller is considered as one of the essential items that moms diapers should prepare for children. If you are wondering to find a best lightweight strollers for newborn with reasonable price, do not ignore this article. We will bring you some interesting information and suggestions.

Experience buying a good baby stroller

With the above benefits, baby stroller has become one of the permanent items on the shopping list of pregnant mothers. However, how to choose a good stroller is probably not many people know. If you are also wondering about this issue, let us refer to some of the following experiences.

What kind of stroller should I buy for baby?

On the market, there are many types of trolleys available for sale. Among them, the most common are: walking strollers, standing and seat strollers, single and double strollers. Each vehicle has its own advantages and limitations.

Single trolley

This is a baby stroller, with a very simple design, including 1 seat, roof and 3-4 wheels. Thus, it possesses light weight, easy to carry and transport.

Double trolley

This type of stroller especially 2 seats, the car is optimally designed so that the car is not too bulky. This type of stroller is suitable for families with twins or 2 babies who do not differ much by age.

Walking trolley

This is a single type of trolley with integrated pushing ability. In addition to caring for your baby, the car also supports mothers with a gentle exercise to regain postpartum physique.

Stroller standing and sitting

This is the most complicated design, including a front seat and a rear seat. Families with 2 children with a large age difference may consider using this product to combine care for both babies.

The recline of the backrest of the trolley

During the first period of life, a child’s bone will grow at a very fast rate and change over months and years. Therefore, to choose a safe, suitable stroller, parents must depend on the baby’s number of months.

In the period of 0 – 6 months, the baby’s skeletal system is still weak, so the back of the chair needs to lean back in the range of 125 – 180 degrees. From 6 to 12 months, babies should sit in a slightly reclining position. After 1 year of age, this time the bone system has become stronger, mother can comfort the baby to sit up straight.

For longer-term use and cost savings, parents should consider choosing products that can accommodate seats in 3 positions.

Weight, style & material

What kind of baby stroller good? A trolley weighing from 5 – 9kg with a neat design will be the ideal choice. It not only helps you easily carry, move at home, but also provides great support for family trips. Parents do not have to carry heavy luggage but still ensure adequate care for your baby.

For a durable stroller, parents need to pay attention to the material used as the chassis, as well as the connecting screws. In addition to safety, the material of the car also affects the ability to clean during use. Currently, aluminum frame cars are popular products because of their certainty as well as compactness.

Direct, continuous contact with the baby’s body during the car seat, stroller mattress is one of the factors you can not help but consider when choosing products. In order for your baby to be comfortable, parents should carefully consider the mattress material. Preferably soft, sweat-absorbing fabrics. Not only causing the secret, rough, unventilated car mattress can accumulate bacteria, causing skin irritation, rash.

Which stroller is good for baby should have many utilities

A good stroller needs to ensure the following basic features:

2-way propulsion

The 2-way push feature with flexible moving wheels will help you to control the vehicle easily, especially when you need to turn around or move in tight positions.

Folding trolleys

This feature helps parents can easily carry, pack and use the stroller anytime, anywhere. Therefore, folding baby stroller is extremely necessary for families with babies who are planning to travel or picnic far from home.

Sunshade roof

This is probably a common feature in most baby stroller products on the market today. Convenient roof design will help you protect your baby from the sun and light rain. Parents are welcome to take their children out without having to carry around an umbrella.

Above are the valuable experiences that I have gathered from myself and friends in the process of choosing to buy a baby stroller. To make the most accurate decision in choosing a cheap baby stroller, you should consider the financial ability, the area of ​​the house and the family’s living habits.

Wish you find a stroller with the best quality and the most economical price!